Our values are at the core of every thing we do.

For our customers this mean luxury, opulence and high quality design. For partners and investors this means integrity, safety, profitability and quality.


Our land and development team leverages their expert local and national knowledge in planning policies and sourcing to find the most valuable land available.


Our design team delivers industry-leading bespoke services tailored to deliver an amazing experience throughout the process of creating the perfect living space.


Our delivery team acts with military precision meaning clients and investors can rest assured that projects will be completed on time and well within budget whilst meeting the most stringent health, safety and environmental requirements.


People are absolutely crucial to the Magna way of working. Our team culture is founded on the three pillars of vision, energy and control, ensuring that what we do is well planned, beautifully executed and delivers outstanding results for all of our stakeholders.


Its about more than bricks and mortar.

As part of this process we are committed to improving the built environment that will endure not only for the benefit of our customers but for the communities of the towns and cities in which we operate.

the company believes that access to stylish, beautiful homes created by the best cutting edge designers should not be the sole preserve of a metropolitan wealthy elite but accessible and affordable. Luxury not confined by size or location.

Magna is proving that intelligent contemporary design can breath vitality into commuter communities around London.


Our objective is to become the leading developer of residential schemes by focusing on vertical living with international brand recognition in the retail and commercial markets.

We will do this by:

  • Maintaining the group’s focus on site identification and acquisition, cutting edge architecture and interior design, product development, innovative marketing and sales techniques, and cost control
  • Identifying, through detailed market research, the location of our markets, the appropriate mix of uses within our schemes and the property requirements of our customers;
  • Developing our database-driven web presence to support detailed attention to before and after sales customer service
  • Continuing to outsource professional services to highly skilled and effective teams in the architectural, engineering and project management sectors
  • Increasing links with land owners with whom we can undertake joint venture projects
  • Selecting key contractors with whom we can work to deliver our projects on time and to budget
  • Generating above average returns for our investors and funding partners