• Magna Asset Management is the core business in the group
    of companies.
  • It deals with land and acquisitions, development feasibility
    and viability, sales and marketing and/or renting and asset
  • Current acquisition target range £10m – £50m GDV.
  • Development target zone Greater London, no more than 45
    minutes commute to London mainline stations.
  • MPM handles and oversees the full delivery of every
    project taken into Magna Asset Management.
  • MPM is legally contracted to deliver the end product on
    time and on budget, giving assurance to both the equity and
    debt finance of the individual projects.
  • MPM has a team of experienced strategic project planners
    and managers, who take control of residential and
    commercial developments.
  • MPM ensures that every project is delivered on time and on
    budget maintaining profits, whilst adhering to the high level
    of quality that makes the Magna brand stand out.
  • The MPM team has an in-depth knowledge and experience
    that allows them to pre-empt any likely pitfalls and offer
    alternative solutions, thereby ensuring a smooth transition
    through the construction phase of a project.
  • Close proximity to transport infrastructure connection into
    Central London.
  • Delivering ultra-high spec, affordable luxury apartments
    and homes.
  • Compact and cleverly designed flats, secure, gated and
    prestigious developments.
  • Spec includes: marble bathrooms, designer branded
    sanitary ware, high spec electrical and AV installations,
    quartz kitchen work tops and hardwood flooring – to name
    just a few items that make the Magna living experience far
    outweigh the market average.
  • MCP offers a fully-managed investment product, delivering
    secure, high return development projects in and around
    Greater London.
  • The MCP investment team will provide weekly progress
    reports, monthly accounting figures and – if the investor
    wishes – an expert insight to how property development
    is managed, in order to keep them abreast of how their
    investment is working.
  • An investment with MCP offers a transparent and secure
    route into property development with a focus on delivering
  • Normal returns on capital employed (ROCE) 25% .
  • Average investment time-frame 15 months.